Using a web browser, we can open up a vscode like ide environment with our codebase ( from repo ) and throw in some edits.

  1. Goto your repo ( in )
  2. Select the url and change into
  3. You get your vscode ide opened with all your repo files listed.
  4. After making edits goto Source control tab and manage changes ( stage changes ).
  5. Enter the commit message and Click commit & push, your changes are now reflected in the repo.
  • you can manage branches and merge request through the web ide.

there are few other services which allow us to edit repo on the web ide

  • GitHub Dev
  • VSCode Dev
  • CodeSandbox
  • GiHub1s
  • GitLab1s
  • Gitpod
  • StackBlitz
  • Glitch
  • Sourcegraph
  • Active Forks
  • Gitpop2
  • GitHub Memory